Nicholas Gray


Nicholas Gray is a member of the Order of the Falcon, Vestri’s honorable secret police. He warned Reah to be cautious with her criminal activity within the walls of Notay Orimin, but was immediately endeared to her and expressed little concern over her petty thievery. Like the rest of his order, Creed is a master of the lethal art of the fighting staff, and is as adept with his detective skills as he is with his order’s signature weapon. It was revealed that he spent his younger days pit fighting in the slums, and was recruited by the Ravens after he was beaten and left for dead during a prize fight. After meeting Reah, the two formed a fast friendship.

He was sent by Captain Marcus Bransen to investigate Alida’s prophesies about the Primordial Dark Drake, only to be taken by the dark spirit himself. He told Reah to kill him if he could not be cured of the dark power. He then set off with the party to be cleansed of the Drake at the Veil Temple. After a brutal struggle, the party defeated the dark powers that possessed him, freeing him from the Drake’s influence.

Nicholas later became the leader of the Ravens after the tragic death of Marcus Bransen. The party was forced to leave him behind in Vestri when they boarded the Armageddon to head for Rukan.

Nicholas Gray

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