Good-natured ogre friend


Ishmuck is a Duriale ogre the party encountered near the southern borders of the jungle. They talked him out of eating the goat of a traveling adventurer, and they gained his trust by finding him supper. He is fairly dim and easily influenced, but once he forms an opinion, he sticks to it to the end. He has faithfully served the party in battle, and greatly enjoys their company.

Ishmuck accompanied the party on its adventure through the Temple of Many Mouths, and helped them lift the curse from the ruined city of Valkiri. He then accompanied them on their journey to the holy city of Valhaem. He was fearful of the place, since the “shiny talky men” of the city had begun hunting ogres in the region, including his grandfather. He helped to rescue the party after their arrest by the Galmione military stationed in Valhaem, and was reunited with his captured grandfather. After their departure from the city, he led the party to his ancestral home in the valley of the ogres. He reluctantly parted company with the group to spend some time among his people.

Later, the party recruited Ishmuck to join the team aboard the Armageddon.


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