The Legend of Mythann

The Deal Is Struck

The Hostage Crisis in Notay Orimin

  • Left Valderai’s vault
  • Nicholas realized a month had passed since they entered
  • Found a letter from Dervish, sealed with a Rukane seal
  • He offered an alliance to the end of killing the Galmione king, Praxus
  • Alida magically transported the party back to Notay Orimin
  • Found the city in crisis
  • Questioning revealed that orcs had been given advanced weapons
  • The orcs had stormed the central palace and taken Queen Saria and several councilmen hostage
  • Marcus had gone in after them, but hadn’t returned
  • Alida and Samos entered through the front gate of the palace to parley
  • Rehia and Nicholas sneaked through the sewage pipes inside to the map room
  • Alida spoke with Zealot, Dervish’s brother
  • She agreed to an uneasy alliance: she would help assassinate King Praxus of Galmion in exchange for the safety of the city
  • He demanded weapons, manpower, and the Armageddon, a fearsome airship
  • Promised not to harm her or her companions until the king was dead
  • Zealot allowed a week for preparations to be made
  • Rehia found that a large number of maps and schematics had been stolen
  • Found one remaining design for a behemoth machine somewhere in the palace
  • Party regrouped and debriefed with Nicholas
  • Marcus’ body was brought out, having been gunned down by Dervish
  • The party called on their allies and assembled Ishmuck, Brock, Captain Drake, Ivy, Serion’s soldiers, and Kalamath to accompany them
  • Set out on the airship with Dervish and Zealot in an uneasy alliance
  • Attacked on the rear deck by Senekri, a Galmione assassin
  • Defeated him and prepared to continue to Rukan City
  • Planned to move upriver and destroy one of the river citadels and regain control of the river



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