The Legend of Mythann

The Deal Is Struck
The Hostage Crisis in Notay Orimin
  • Left Valderai’s vault
  • Nicholas realized a month had passed since they entered
  • Found a letter from Dervish, sealed with a Rukane seal
  • He offered an alliance to the end of killing the Galmione king, Praxus
  • Alida magically transported the party back to Notay Orimin
  • Found the city in crisis
  • Questioning revealed that orcs had been given advanced weapons
  • The orcs had stormed the central palace and taken Queen Saria and several councilmen hostage
  • Marcus had gone in after them, but hadn’t returned
  • Alida and Samos entered through the front gate of the palace to parley
  • Rehia and Nicholas sneaked through the sewage pipes inside to the map room
  • Alida spoke with Zealot, Dervish’s brother
  • She agreed to an uneasy alliance: she would help assassinate King Praxus of Galmion in exchange for the safety of the city
  • He demanded weapons, manpower, and the Armageddon, a fearsome airship
  • Promised not to harm her or her companions until the king was dead
  • Zealot allowed a week for preparations to be made
  • Rehia found that a large number of maps and schematics had been stolen
  • Found one remaining design for a behemoth machine somewhere in the palace
  • Party regrouped and debriefed with Nicholas
  • Marcus’ body was brought out, having been gunned down by Dervish
  • The party called on their allies and assembled Ishmuck, Brock, Captain Drake, Ivy, Serion’s soldiers, and Kalamath to accompany them
  • Set out on the airship with Dervish and Zealot in an uneasy alliance
  • Attacked on the rear deck by Senekri, a Galmione assassin
  • Defeated him and prepared to continue to Rukan City
  • Planned to move upriver and destroy one of the river citadels and regain control of the river
Beyond the Veil
The Party Enters Valderai's Vault
  • Picked up treasures from the destroyed golem
  • Found one of the first passages blocked by a cave-in
  • Found a rune responsive to the Sins
  • Samos used Envy to activate the rune
  • The party was transported beyond the veil; the passage was no longer blocked
  • Reah found a secret door leading to a trapped treasure room
  • Alida disabled the trap and the party looted the treasure
  • Continued into the vault and encountered a fleeing soldier, who was truck dead by an arrow from around the bend
  • Heard the sounds of soldiers and their sorceress commander
  • Engaged the troops and defeated them
  • Alida questioned surviving mercenaries under a zone of truth
  • Revealed that they were working for Behamut’s army
  • Were trying to break the seal on the door ahead and rejoin the rest of their force
  • Reah pickpocketed them and then let them leave
  • Realized that they were behind the veil, in the midst of the continued First War
  • Used another lock rune to revert back to their plane, where they found keys to the door
  • Went back across the Veil to use the keys
  • Found a large chamber with a central carved pillar depicting the history of the First War
  • Activated a rune lock on top of it, and the room collapsed into a flooded chamber in the material plane
  • Alida was almost devoured by a water orm
  • Magically located the rune lock inside the creature’s stomach
  • Alida allowed herself to be eaten to trigger the rune
  • Used the portable rune lock to navigate the room and escape the orm
  • Heard the sounds of an interrogation from beyond a door ahead
  • Burst into the room to find a dragon priest, his servants, and his prisoner: Jordax
  • Fought and killed the enemy force
  • Jordax explained that she was leading a squadron in the fight between Valderai and Krawna
  • She had been captured while trying to reach the vault’s center, where Valderai may be communed with
  • Alida communed with Valderai’s spirit
  • Told that she must be wary of the Magi, and must find all seven Sins
  • Warned that one day the keys of law and chaos would be in their hands
  • Alida asked where to find Wrath
  • Valderai revealed that, in the final battle for the Galmion crown many years ago, Wrath was taken by Dervish and Zealot
  • Dervish destroyed it, but the spirit entered his eyepiece
  • Valderai gave her the Miracle Stone, to be cast above the clouds
Seeking Valderai's Vault
  • Headed back to Notay Orimin
  • Nicholas Gray, though injured, began to recover
  • Reported to Marcus and the Ravens what happened
  • Asked about libraries for information on the rest of the Seven Sins
  • Referred to another hideout near the city’s core
  • Spoke with a captain there, who told them of a totem in the warehouse district
  • Also told that a murder occurred in a warehouse nearby
  • Investigated the crime scene
  • A warehouse full of firearms was emptied, and the owner killed by a bullet wound
  • Evidence pointed to a frost weapon fired from the upper window
  • Alida found a talisman around the victim’s neck
  • Spoke with the dead and learned that the murderers were former Galmion soldiers
  • Victim referred to his killers as Zealot and Dervish
  • Investigated the totem; met a Magi there named Zorin
  • He revealed that the murdered man was a Magi, and that he had crossed dangerous people
  • Learned that the talisman was some kind of key
  • Learned that the key may find the treasures of the Guardian Drake, Valderai
  • Alida revealed that that she possessed the talisman
  • Managed to convince Zorin to allow the group to come to a Magi outpost
  • Reah took another look at the crime scene and found a three-clawed footprint
  • At dawn, the party set out with Nicholas and Zorin to the outpost
  • Zorin placed marks of justice forbidding them from taking treasure from Valderai’s Vaults
  • Read the talisman: “Only when the pauper’s need is great will the door be opened.”
  • Valderai was known to drop gold on poor villages as an act of generosity
  • Wondered if re-creating Valderai’s golden rain would activate the talisman
  • Decided to seek the creator of the frost weapon used in the murder
  • Sought the craftsman, Kalamath, at his Magi outpost
  • During the night, ambushed by a warning shot from a sniper astride a dire bat
  • Spoke with Kalamath about Dervish, the musketeer from Galmion
  • Decided to seek a possible site of one of Valderai’s vaults
  • Stalked by Dervish; confronted him
  • He revealed that he planned to use the wealth of the vault to overthrow the Galmion king for Rukan
  • He tried to convince them to hand over the talisman, but the party refused
  • He swore vengeance and retreated
  • Fled to escape into the vault
  • Entered the site using the talisman
  • Reah disarmed a set of traps, and the group fought and slew a clockwork golem
A Raven Snared
The Primordial Drakes Choose Hosts
  • Having found out about Krissa’s disappearance, looked for a place to stay
  • A chimney sweep told them about the Branson Manor
  • Received by Marcus Bransen for dinner even after Reah tried to steal from them
  • Brought up the subject of the primordial drakes
  • Eventually revealed the Sins in their possessions
  • Marcus revealed himself as a Raven captain
  • Took the party to a Raven HQ to discuss the matter
  • Alida divined the place where the drakes would meet—a huge black door
  • She prophesied a raven would be pulled into the dark
  • Nicholas Gray was sent with a team to investigate the matter
  • Alida went to speak with Cassandra while Reah followed Nicholas
  • Alida continued to divine, finding too late that Nicholas would be taken by the drake
  • Reah and Nicholas investigated warehouses in the border districts
  • Samos and Alida rushed to aid Nicholas, arriving just as he was taken
  • Reah followed him into the dark
  • Within the warehouse, Nicholas nearly convinced Reah to join him
  • Alida and Samos rushed in to confront Nicholas, and Krissa arrived to help them
  • In a moment of control, Nicholas told Reah to kill him
  • She struck him, and the party fought and subdued him
  • They took him prisoner back to the Raven HQ
  • They arranged an audience with the queen about Nicholas’ fate
  • She received them openly and offered them counsel to speak to the Dragon Lords
  • They used the throne room to commune with all the Guardian Drakes
  • Based on their collective wisdom, they found out that they could go to the Vestri temple where the Veil was cast
  • The drake could be released and slain there
  • The queen gave them an amulet that could contain the drake within Nicholas
  • They set out with two other Ravens, Brock and Darren
  • Jasper contacted the party to tell them he was on his way with the help of a traveling noblewoman
  • They met him at a bridge along the trail through the mountains
  • It turned out that the noblewoman was Jadice, hungry for power and revenge
  • With her powerful magic, she killed Darren and Brock, casting the party into the chasm
  • Alida tricked her into believing that Darren was slain and she now possessed the Drake
  • Set out to confront and defeat Jadice at the temple
  • Fought Jadice and defeated her
  • Freed Krissa and Nicholas from the Drakes
The Two Drakes
Tracking the primal drake
  • Mourned the disappearance of Jordax
  • Found trail of death leading from the portal
  • Realized that something escaped the Veilgate
  • Found the trail leads to the capital, Notay Orimin
  • Found a mage to teleport them there
  • Spoke to mages in the city
  • Reah visited a bar to do some pickpocketing
  • Met Nicholas Gray of the Order of the Falcon, Vestri’s benevolent secret police
  • Eventually found a temple dedicated to the balance of the drakes
  • Alida spoketo the head priestess, Cassandra
  • She said that the Veilgate demands balance
  • For the dark drake that escaped, a guardian must have appeared as well
  • Alida divined that the drakes must bond with a human to remain on the material plane
  • She divined the guardian drake would bond to an old friend
  • Sent a message to Jasper
  • Found out that Krissa had mysteriously disappeared
Through the Looking Glass
Closing Gluttony's Rift
  • Found Lorenzo at the rift and saw it suck him in
  • Defeated the dark folk guarding the rift
  • Tied a rope to a tree and used it to cross the rift
  • Found themselves in the Veil
  • In the parallel world, the temple was still intact
  • Reah painstakingly opened the steam-powered lock
  • Entered the temple and found a huge statue
  • Aimed light beams to awaken the statue
  • It warned them to find Gluttony before it reached Fort Dawn
  • The statue revealed itself as the consciousness of Dreiamir, the silver Guardian Drake
  • Told them that the First War must be contained behind the Veilgate for centuries more
  • Gave them a vision of a massive metropolis ablaze, with the sky falling all around them
  • Set out to track Oni
  • Found him in the company of sentient half-fiend skeletons
  • Oni had taken Lorenzo prisoner
  • Oni executed his former master with a shot from Gluttony, a magic pistol
  • Ambushed Oni and his allies
  • Alida dueled Oni while Reah snuck around behind
  • Jordax, Samos and Sophia battled the undead with Rebecca’s summoned ankylosaur
  • Alida used true seeing to thwart Oni’s shadows
  • Reah stole Gluttony and tried to pass it to Alida
  • Alida fumbled gluttony, but blasted Oni with searing light and struck him down single-handed
  • Mopped up the undead and retrieved Gluttony
  • Retreated towards the closing rift
  • Jordax held the rope steady so the others could escape
  • As the portal was about to explode, Alida closed it with Gluttony
  • Jordax was trapped behind the Veilgate
  • With a tainted victory at the loss of their friend, the party took Gluttony into their hands
The Wilderness
The arrival in Vestri
  • Regrouped after drug bust
  • Interrupted Serion’s wedding night to ask for a teleport
  • Transported to Vestri via a disgruntled court magician
  • Found themselves in the territory of a large creature
  • Set out towards Brassbriar
  • On the way, found an enormous trap set in the woods
  • Reah spotted a dwarf hiding by the trap
  • A huge “walking dragon” emerged and attacked them
  • Alida was eaten, but the party defeated the dinosaur
  • The dwarf introduced himself as Brock
  • Agreed to share the kill and to guide them back to town
  • Went to the bath house and met Cecelia
  • In return for coats and information, she asked that they tell her their stories
  • She pointed them towards the mining HQ of Fort Dawn
  • They traveled there and found it in flames
  • Learned Lorenzo had been there and ignited one of the powder magazines
  • Tried unsuccessfully to interrogate a dark slayer
  • Set out after Lorenzo and Oni
  • Attacked by a vanguard of slayers led by Oni
  • Oni gravely wounded Reah before fleeing
  • Saw an explosion of light in the distance, and realized it may be too late
Unions and Reunions
The Seven Sins Awake
  • Returned to Iskiri
  • Reported back to Serion
  • He offered each of them a favor of their choosing
  • Went to the Blue Griffin to celebrate
  • Met up with city watch friends
  • Learned that Samos’ old rival, Razor, was in town
  • Spotted by Reah, the elven pickpocket
  • Reah attempted to follow them home, but was detected
  • Next day, found out Ivy and Serion are engaged
  • Invited to the wedding in one month
  • Meanwhile, Alida and Samos researched the Seven Sins
  • Found out about sites of power throughout Mythann
  • Learned that the Sins can open and seal the Vailgate
  • The day of the wedding arrived
  • Interrupted when Samos drew the dagger of Envy on Serion
  • Stopped Samos
  • Envy tore a hole in the Vailgate
  • A fire drake emerged through the rift
  • Defeated the fire drake with Reah;s help
  • Reah closed the rift with Envy
  • All decided to set out to strengthen the Vailgate
  • Alida divined that they must seek an old enemy to find Gluttony by three days hence
  • Realized they needed to find Oni to find the breach in the Vailgate
  • Asked around town for information on Lorenzo
  • Found that a gangster named Big Sam may have information
  • Went to Big Sam’s shady deal at midnight
  • Caught by Sam; followed him to the new meetup
  • The buyer turned out to be Murtha the slave trader
  • Leah lost her will to Greed and grabbed for the drugs
  • In the ensuing fight, Leah was drugged, Murtha was killed, and Sam was captured
  • Questioned Sam, finding that Lorenzo and Oni were in Vestri
The Enemy of my Enemy
Meeting the Bandit Kings
  • Went to the Bandits’ secret hideout
  • Spoke with Cyrus, Eden, and Kaine, the Bandit Kings
  • Found that Samos had been banished into a deadly valley
  • Followed and rescued him from the control of a naga
  • Returned to the Bandits
  • Asked how to reconcile them with Serion
  • Told to end the gnoll threat to apease both sides
  • Journeyed to Redbrush to seek Sir Rupert’s advice
  • Reunited with Jasper and Krissa
  • Told them that the gnoll technology was human made
  • Located the gnoll base
  • Found that Captain Dane had been helping the gnolls
  • Defeated him and the gnoll leader
Not As We Remember
The Return to Varinos
  • Teleported outside of Iskiri
  • Journeyed along the river towards the city
  • Encountered a group of traders beset by gnolls
  • Defeated the gnolls and rescued the traders
  • They told them that monsters had overrun the countryside
  • Journeyed to Iskiri
  • Alida had to forge papers to grant entry
  • Heard that Jadice, one of Serion’s advisers, had become the face of the government
  • Jadice was scheduled to give a speech that afternoon
  • She announced that a Bandit spy was to be executed at dawn
  • Alida spoke to a guard captain to meet later at the Blue Griffin
  • Met with the guard; organized a drunken march on the palace
  • Meanwhile, Jordax infiltrated the palace
  • Palace guards dispersed the rioters and took Alida and Ivy inside
  • Samos slipped away in the confusion
  • Jordax found Serion and gained access to his quarters by disguising herself as a cat
  • Jordax found out about Serion’s new war against the Bandits
  • Went with Serion and his bodyguard to the dungeon
  • Met up with Alida and Ivy
  • Revealed Ivy to Serion
  • Serion sent the group to find the Bandit Kings
  • Tried to track down Samos
  • Tracked him to his former lover’s home
  • Found signs of a struggle
  • His captors must have taken him into the desert
  • Set out to rescue Samos from the Bandits

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